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Why Train For A Trade Show?

"As a business owner or marketing manager, do you ever lie awake at night
wondering if your marketing team looks, acts, and sounds the way you want
at your events and trade shows?"


There are many aspects to successful trade show and event marketing that must be considered, some of which involve actual exhibit structures and graphics, but many more don’t. We call these aspects “Beyond the Booth”, and they include Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Pre-Show activities, Post-Show activities, and Working the event, to name a few.

My training program, based on a 24-year career in the industry, is designed to help you maximize your experiential marketing efforts by taking a look at all of these aspects. And, by endeavoring to understand your specific needs and challenges, I can custom tailor your training session to focus on the areas that you and your staff struggle with.

Along with delivering valuable information, many questions will be asked and I will facilitate discussion resulting in strategies, techniques, and new ideas you can put into practice in order to get the most from your efforts!



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